A Heritage

Acinum (translating to “grape” in Latin) is a collection of exquisite wines from Veneto, North Esat of Italy, produced specifically to enrich the Vias portfolio. Vias Imports, one of the most prestigious Italian wine importers in the United States, seeks to promote high quality products that represent the distinct character, authentic heritage, and terrain of each of Italy’s diverse regions. Acinum is the first-ever proprietary wine established through Vias. This selection starts from the historical wine areas of Veneto, Negrar in Valpolicella, Monteforte d’Alpone in Soave, and Treviso area for the Prosecco.


The role of Vias founder Fabrizio Pedrolli in the Acinum production is very detailed. Pedrolli is involved in decisions from site selection to grape picking, to production and bottling. He takes great pride in the outcome of these wines, and he is therefore very involved in the whole process. Fabrizio Pedrolli is proud to present these wines, that are the result of a successful collaboration with the oenological expertise of Enrico Paternoster, involved in the prestigious wine research institute, Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige in Trentino.

Our Philosophy

Acinum offers top quality bottlings from a region that exemplifies Italian wine excellence at a reasonable price for consumers. The philosophy is to produce wines of great balance and elegance, instead of wines with power and concentration. Acinum wines strive to give the consumer the best drinkable experience, wherever they want to drink them alone or accompanied with food. Acinum, with a limited production of 38,000 bottles per year, attempts to highlight the true excellence and quality of the best Italian wine areas, seeking to promote these showings in the metropolitan area and throughout the United States. With Acinum, Vias Imports confirms the reputation of leadership as one of the premium Italian wine importers in the US market.